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What is CRUX?

We propose CRUX - A User Experience Layer between Users and the world of cryptocurrencies & dApps.

CRUX makes cryptocurrency payments easier by providing users with easy to remember identifiers such as [email protected].
CRUX allows any dApp to talk to any Wallet securely with the User's consent. No QR codes, no browser extensions, no special apps.

CRUX is designed to drastically lower the barrier of entry for new users into the blockchain ecosystem.

CRUX achieves this with 3 components:

  1. CRUX Identity - A globally unique, human-readable secure identity stored in a User's wallet.
  2. CRUXPay Protocol - Pay to a human readable name. Unified experience across cryptocurrencies.
  3. CRUXGateway Protocol - Seamless interoperability between Wallets, dApps and Conventional Services.

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What's Next

Understand the problems CRUX is trying to solve, and how it solves them.


What is CRUX?

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